Jodie & Bowie

This blog is about me and my loan pony called Bow. What we get up too. And the events that i hope to start next summer.

Saturday, 4 April 2009


I haven't updated in ages. The situation with Bow isn't good :( she became lame a few weeks back, the vets are confused about what is wrong with her. She's already had 2 weeks of her 6 weeks strict box rest and she is hating it! Biting and kicking everyone who comes near her including her stable mate Sparkie :( the vets said that if they can't find anything wrong with her and she is still in pain then they will have to put her to sleep :( if she isn't in pain but can't be riden anymore then her owner will send her for an early retirement with the fell pony society :)

This weekend i'm going to be riding Sparkie, who unfortunately is going to be sold :( he is a great little pony who'll i'll be excercising for the time being :) i'm not sure about me and the situation of finding a new loan horse, i can't leave my angel right now and i may not want to find another horse :( get better soon Bow, i dunno what i'ld do without you x

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Bow Update

Bow and I have had a lot of fun in this snowy weather; going for some great gallops down cows field and Bow enjoyed herself still finding enough grass to occupy herself with :P you'ld think with all this snow she would stop eating and have a little fun.

But know joy for Bow as the snow has dissapeared (well almost) and we got down to some serious schooling :) well not much but i was very pleased with her today for doing ONE flying change in canter lol to some people it doesn't sound like much but Bow is a little bitch to go on her right leg :( something i will soon have to sort out :P and we got to do some jumping today yaya - well they were tiny cross poles because it was so slippery in the field; but we both enjoyed ourselves, well Bow almost killed me by getting all excited about finally jumping after 4 months off lol well some more work for me :(

going to see her twice during the week because it's half termmmm haha and going out on some hacks with Anna and her loan horse thats soon going to be arriving at the stables :O

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Another Lesson

Had my first lesson on Bow today and was extremely pleased with how things went. Recently as you all no, i haven't been able to do any real flatwork sessions or jumping, so i was a little suprised that we got Bow listening to me. Had a different teacher as well, and she taught me a lot about getting Bow moving easilly, instead of her being a lazy little mare xD For instance instead of constantly keeping my leg on her, i should only tell her once so she learns to listen to me the first time :) Going to see her late on Sunday so will most proberly go on another hack, but will hopefully have 20 minutes spare to have a ride in the field to get her listening to me again :) and you never no i might take her over a couple of cross poles xD will see...

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lesson. 13/1/09

Finally, the first lesson of the year :D

Rode my baby boy Oatabix and suprisingly he was very carm, considering the past couple of months he has been a little too hyper, and apparently somebody fell of him during the week haha all good fun! The lesson wasn't without it's excitement though; Archie threw in a couple of kicks and Otis decided to have a little bucking fit coming around our bends haha but of cause all of the excitement is included in my video on youtube :)

Got another lesson on Saturday - with Bow this time! Very typical though as when i've been desperate for a lesson i can't have one, but now they all come at the same time haha well i'll update you on Saurday - bi for now :) keep riding!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Bow Update.

Finally today i was able to ride as Bow has some new shoes. I must say she does look very smart in the winter with her clippy bits xD

But anyhow getting to the riding part; not much excitement to interest viewers with :( although i must say Bow does like to keep me on my toes! Well you now about our terrible ordeal with the ditch and almost falling in when i went on a hack with Josie and Odo; but this week i swear she was trying to kill me!!!

As we were walking down this tracky part, Bow decided to slip down this 4 inch bank! But she had to put a whole dramatic show on, and was so close to rolling over! I swear my feet were inches to the floor because she couldn't be bothered to pick up her feet :( i must have words with her owner about buying her some boots!

Also, as we were coming back through cow's field - and was slowly and peacefully walking down the hill. Bow decided to canter the rest of it! Again, is she just trying to kill me!!! If she was being as lazy as our first ordeal she would have fallen down the hill and squished me haha

But we got back safely and thats the main thing!

I'm having a lesson tomorrow night :D with Grace and Josie so shall be amusing. Also, will be having another lesson on Saturday but with Bow and Zoe (have never had this trainer before) so hopefully the ground will be ok to ride (and not frozen like the typical english weather :( andddddd during the Febuary holiday me and Bow are going to another show :D yay. was wondering when all the fun was going to start haha jk x

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Good girlie :D

Bow is an extremely good girlie (for once). Ever since i have been loaning her i have tried to teach her a few manners (like not messing around when it comes to the bit, or trying to bite whenever a treats involved) and quite suprisingly she is responding!

As i couldn't ride her this weekend, and had nothing better to do than muck out her stable, i decided to bring some treats down (again). Previously i gave her an apple before i rode (not the best idea!) as she tried biting me throughout the rest of the day :( so i was really suprised that she didn't chase me around the field when i gave her a carrot today :D (i must be doing something right!)

Also whenever i tack her up now, she isn't a pain in the but :D i can actually easilly put the bit in (but the saddle needs some work haha) she gets a little too hasty to go out for a ride xD bless her :P

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Hacking as usual xD

It's been ages since i've updated you on Bowie girlie. So, we've been on a lot of hacks these past few weeks. Went with Josie and Odo which was great fun - As i decided to let Josie lead the way on a different root xD Bow got a bit spooky for some strange reason, it might have been the fact we were somewhere different but i wish she would behave, especially when we almost landed straight into a deep ditch :O silly marey got spooked by something in the woods therefore dived to the right and was forced to stop in her tracks haha at least somebody was on the ball that day xD

Anyways slightly pissed off because i was hoping to go riding twice this weekend but silly marey decided to loose one of her shoes :( so no more riding for the week, but i've decided to pay her a visit on Saturday for a pamper haha x