This blog is about me and my loan pony called Bow. What we get up too. And the events that i hope to start next summer.

Saturday, 4 April 2009


I haven't updated in ages. The situation with Bow isn't good :( she became lame a few weeks back, the vets are confused about what is wrong with her. She's already had 2 weeks of her 6 weeks strict box rest and she is hating it! Biting and kicking everyone who comes near her including her stable mate Sparkie :( the vets said that if they can't find anything wrong with her and she is still in pain then they will have to put her to sleep :( if she isn't in pain but can't be riden anymore then her owner will send her for an early retirement with the fell pony society :)

This weekend i'm going to be riding Sparkie, who unfortunately is going to be sold :( he is a great little pony who'll i'll be excercising for the time being :) i'm not sure about me and the situation of finding a new loan horse, i can't leave my angel right now and i may not want to find another horse :( get better soon Bow, i dunno what i'ld do without you x

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Alice said...

oh god hun thats awful. Really hope the vets get to the bottom of this so they can help her xxxx